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HS Marine Cranes

Marine was funded in 2003 in the northern Italy and has since then been in a wide expansion.

For HS. Marine Cranes, quality is o exception, confirmed in the standard EN13852 for Offshore Cranes, the quality is at its best and the reliability never besides.

By coating and salt-sealing their cranes, they are secured against corrosion in the marine environment and is suited for a lifetime at the rough weathers of the Danish West-Coast.

The cranes are installed with stronger stables and a solid turning gear, making it possible to endure even bigger loads.

With a spand from 5 to 1000 tm in capacity and 360 degrees rotation around the axis with a high torque, are the HS. Marine Cranes highly flexible and well suited for most jobs given.

West Marine A/S is ready if a service check of the cranes, or if further information is wanted.


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Martin Marstrand

Head of Sales
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Per Simonsen

Technical Sales
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