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Norsap Helmsman Chairs

When Norsap in 1969 started with a single person, the main operation was with aluminum constructions. Afterwards they have developed into leading producers of equipment to vessels all over Scandinavia.

With customers like Maersk drilling rigs, European navies, and the American navy and coast guard, Norsap has established themselves with customers who cannot compromise quality and durability.

Helmsman chairs from Norsap kan be used right from fishing boats to the most advanced tasks, such as controlling drill-heads. With adjustable backrests, footplate, armrest and with 360 degrees rotation, the comfort is ensured without losing the overview.

NOrsap kan deliver 8 different chairs, all installed with extra functions, extra comfort and built-in advanced technology, and can be installed with controlling units for the armrests, so everything is gathered next to the operator.

West Marine A/S can be contacted about an offer or for information about the right chair for your task.


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