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Ntorreiro Water Treatment

In 1983 Ntorreiro started their distillation and chlorination in the marine industry as well as on land. With the increased focus on the nature from all over the world, the water treatment plant does its best to please Mother Nature in an environmental way.

With an ISO-9001 certification Ntorreiro has improved their products, and service in quality so that the customers need are preferred and gets what they expect.

At Ntorreiro the focus is on saving money and the environment, and because of that their generators use the waste heat from the engine cooling system to heat up the water going in to 65o C. the distillation generator can produce between 1500 liters and 30.000 liters fresh water per day, as desired.

The cloromar generator prevents algae, molluscs and crustaceans in getting into the vessels saltwater container and live there by using sodium hypochlorite, or just Chlorine. Cloromar can also be used for hygiene.

If either the mentioned generator dimensions aren’t desired, or some further explanation is needed, West Marine A/S can be contacted by mail or phone. If maintenance or reparation is needed, WM can also be contacted.


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