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Restech Norway

Restech started out in 1989 in Bodø, Norway, close to the arctic circle has given them optional circumstances for testing their PLT (Pneumatic Line Thrower) in harsh conditions.

PLT was developed, due to safety and reliable reasons, replacing the old gunpowder-based edition with air pressure. Because of the PLT’s simple and effective way of working, the popularity among rescuers and industrial ships has increased.

The pneumatic in the equipment makes some editions of the PLT able to shoot, both hooks to catching lines and a firing unit for rescue missions, up to 230 meters with 6 firings for each pneumatic cylinder.

Restechs PLT complies to IMO Solas Regulation 74 for safety on the sea and with built-in lines in the firing unit without an expiry date, ensures the PLT works anytime, everytime.

West Marine A/S can be contacted for further information regarding the products of Restech, and are willingly to help if a PLT can be used in a given situation.


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