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Marine Equipment

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West-Marine A/S is the leading danish agency for a number of quality parts and quality equipment to the maritime sector and the offshore industry. All of our products are known for high quality. We provide highly qualified counseling and is known for immediately delivery. Our assortment includes a wide collection of Thrustere, Azimutter, Waterjets, Fresh water generators, Pumps, Emergency fire pumps, Rescue equipment and Safe Transfer offshore personnel baskets.   

Rescue equipment and rescue parts

West-Marine A/S is one of Denmarks leading rescue equipment suppliers to the maritime sector and the offshore industry. The product range includes: Basket Stretcher, Line throwers, Various emergency flares, Lifejackets, Emergency generators, Emergency buoys, Various medicine and hospital equipment to ships, wind- and offshore installations. We also deliver complete customized rescue packages whether it is for expeditions, fishing, shipping or to the offshore industry.   


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